Straatwerk – keeping it clean!

Twice a week, a team of helpers arrives at our premises to give the place a good scrub, dust, sweep and polish. They also clean the pavement in the vicinity and dispose of litter. The members of the cleaning crew vary from time to time, but they are always punctual and hard-working. They are organised by a nonprofit organisation called Straatwerk, which started in Cape Town over 60 years ago, and helps people to find a way of earning income on as regular a basis as possible. The Service Dining Rooms is just one of their many clients who outsource this type of work.

Our cleaning crew last week: (from left): Mike, Portia, Randy, Jamiel, Abby and Nyameka.

If you’d like to contact Straatwerk for any reason, the number is 021¬†930 8055 (all other contact details are listed on their website linked above).