what makes your job worthwhile #4

Please meet Nozuko Klaas, our very capable and cheerful Kitchen Assistant, who has been with us for four years.

Nozuko 1

Nozuko gives her current job the thumbs-up for a variety of reasons: the other staff members are friendly and helpful, the hours are very manageable and a five-day week beats working in a restaurant, like she used to. She says “Working with homeless people has opened my eyes to their problems, and I can see they didn’t choose this life. We can be proud to be a place where we can help a bit with their circumstances.

Nozuko has two children who live with her mother so they can be close to school, and she also looks after her niece’s 2-year old daughter while employment opportunities are scarce.

Nozuko fish 2

Filleting some fresh hakeĀ – maybe not her most favourite chore? “I don’t mind, I like working with food and learning new things, filleting fish is all part of a normal day!

Thank you, Nozuko, for your steady performance, adaptability and energy. We are lucky to have you on our team.


Spick and span

A growing trend with restaurants is to allow the customers a view of the kitchen, either contained behind glass or as a more central feature. This is, after all, where all the hard work is done, and a clean well-organised kitchen goes a long way towards promoting the restaurant’s image.

While the Service Dining Rooms is not a restaurant, we’re still very proud of our kitchen, and we thought we’d kick off our new series of blog posts by inviting you to have a quick look behind the scenes.

Staff members Masooda, Regina and Nozuko are responsible for preparing, cooking and serving our meals, as well as the cleaning up afterwards.

Our kitchen equipment, including the cold room and the fire extinguishers, is serviced regularly and everything is kept in perfect working order.