what makes your job worthwhile #4

Please meet Nozuko Klaas, our very capable and cheerful Kitchen Assistant, who has been with us for four years.

Nozuko 1

Nozuko gives her current job the thumbs-up for a variety of reasons: the other staff members are friendly and helpful, the hours are very manageable and a five-day week beats working in a restaurant, like she used to. She says “Working with homeless people has opened my eyes to their problems, and I can see they didn’t choose this life. We can be proud to be a place where we can help a bit with their circumstances.

Nozuko has two children who live with her mother so they can be close to school, and she also looks after her niece’s 2-year old daughter while employment opportunities are scarce.

Nozuko fish 2

Filleting some fresh hake – maybe not her most favourite chore? “I don’t mind, I like working with food and learning new things, filleting fish is all part of a normal day!

Thank you, Nozuko, for your steady performance, adaptability and energy. We are lucky to have you on our team.


exercise for the heart

“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.” ― John Holmes

During the week of 17 to 21 July last month, around Nelson Mandela Day, we experienced an abundance of generosity from individuals and organisations in our community.  None of these people expect to be mentioned here, but we think a public expression of gratitude is warranted (the list is in no particular order):

food packs mandela day   packs mandela day

Staff of Retail Capital in Newlands (provided soup and sandwiches)

Staff of Medpages in Riebeeck Street (delivered over 400 sandwiches)

Staff of the Legal Services Branch of the Department of the Premier (delivered and served over 400 sandwiches)

Jo Maxwell (donated toiletry packs, food packs, and fresh vegetables)

Staff of I&J (delivered chicken mayonnaise sandwiches – above and beyond the regular donations from the company)

South Point Accommodation in Darling Street, Cape Town (for repairing and painting the dining room, bathroom and office at no charge)

Natalie Spirus (donated beanies and scarves made by herself and a group of friends)

My Citi (provided breakfast sandwiches for three days in a row)

Katie at Source Food in Loop Street (provided curry and rice)

Staff of Themis Law Chambers in Roeland Square (donated tea, coffee and creamer; socks for the sock drive, sanitary pads, and their time in serving meals)

Staff of BP Head Office (delivered and served soup for 400 people)

Nihaal and colleagues from Woolworths Adderley Street (donated 67 beautifully packed toiletry bags).

You have been blessed with kind and thoughtful hearts. Thank you.